TribalMoto Travels: Day 6 - Mt Panorama and Tamworth Country Music Festival

Day 6 - Mount Panorama, telephones in Tamworth oh, and apparently a Country Music Festival!

Well OH was certainly up and at'em like a happy little vegemite this morning. With Mt Panorama glistening like a beacon in the morning FROST, off we popped, fully packed and a hot brekky in our bellies thanks to the KnickerBocker hotel. 
Pretty sure this part of the leg I had no say in. For most men and a lot of women, this mountain holds great interest. Anywhere where you can travel the same track as Dick Johnson or Peter Brock is enticing. What's more...the track is open to the public.
We prepared the Insta360, ready to head anti-clockwise, apparently the only way to go.

Revving the engines - we took off as fast as the speed limit would allow. Yes folks, 60kph. SOMEBODY STOP ME!!!!!! Haha
This was actually a great experience. Hard to imagine the speeds they get up to around these bends, chicanes and down Conrod straight, which has a HUGE sand trap at the end.
As I putted around, looking up at the hotel windows where the rich and most passionate attend the event of a lifetime I was getting a bit excited at the thought of actually coming to see a race one day. (Don't tell the OH that!).

Woman leaning into a corner on a motorbike at Mt Panorama

Corner on motorbikes at Mt Panorama
And poof... Before we know it, we had reduced to 40kms, then a full stop as we waited patiently for the workmen to let us pass. Then off we choofed to Tamworth.
Go slow section Mt Panorama on motorbike
The scenery on the way was amazing, as it has been this whole time. LOTS of train tracks to cross where you had to stop and actually check for the train! High risk for a gumby like me, but of course it begs a good Insta360 shot so I may have slowed a little as I crossed! lol

These country roads present a variety of challenges... including oversized machinery just popping out from one farm to another. No big deal, until you're in the dirt... 
Now, our main aim was to potter through Tamworth, maybe see if there was a place that would have a phone case to fix my 'issue', have a bite to eat then head to Armidale for the night.
Driving into Tamworth, we came up rudely against roads blocked off for some sort of fair. We quickly realised we were not alone...the Tamworth Country Music Festival was on!!  

Lady motorbike rider beneath Tamworth Country Music Festival sign Lady motorbike rider standing with John Williamson statue in Tamworth
Having a secret fetish for cowboy hats and a boot scoot or two, I got a bit excited. But the excitement didn't end there! We found SOS phone repairs and accessories, who were absolutely amazing in fixing my phone while we waited. Great customer service and just good people. I can't tell you how much I appreciated that, oh and being able to check the socials ;)

walking tamworth country music festival  Rose and duck spring rolls
We had a glass of wine and lovely lunch while we waited, then walked up the main street to get a bit of the busker action. Wow, what a diverse range of talent there was! From those outside the shops, to the super talent on the main stage.
I purchased the obligatory stubby holder and off we popped, new purple covered phone in hand and a full tank of fuel. Next stop... Armidale.
The trip to Armidale as the sun set was spectacular.

 What a great ride along the country roads.

We arrived at the Armidale Pines Motel just on dusk. Checking in and getting our gear off is pretty quickly now.... Aka inside out, whichever way, its just being shed haha
The suggestion we got was to head to dinner at the White Ball, the second pub down the road. As we were heading down, OH is chuckling to himself while I'm looking for the White Ball pub..... There is a White BULL pub right in front of us. Apparently all this riding has affected my hearing haha 

On the laptop in a nook with glass of wine Meal and wine glass with white bull on it
We found an uninhabited nook and set ourselves up to download the vids and do a bit of blog writing in between a great rose or 3 and the best baked barramundi I've had in a while.

Happy days and who would have thunk it, I DON'T WANT TO GO HOME TOMORROW!!!!!!

The next blog updates you on our last day from Armadale back to the Gold Coast - Wrapping up this amazing trip that covered 2400kms. 

Thanks for reading and watching.

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