Decal Instructions

Apply your TribalMoto decal like a pro

General rules to follow for all decals:

  • For best results, installation should be in temperatures above 10°C and below 32°C.
  • Clean the application surface to remove all dirt, dust, grease before applying using soap and water.
  • Prepare your decal by rubbing a credit card firmly across the decal, through the clear transfer tape. This makes sure the sticker clings to the transfer tape and removes air bubbles.
  • To get placement just right and for larger decals consider using a dry erase marker (on suitable surfaces) or place masking tape along the top like a hinge, to position/level your decal, then you can lift it prior to removing the backing.
  • Remove the transfer tape slowly from one corner/side and work at a 45-degree angle. If the tape doesn’t want to release the vinyl, simply re-apply the tape to the surface and press down firmly once more. The thinner your design, the slower you should remove the transfer tape.
  • Use a squeegee to get rid of small/minor air bubbles—it is normal to have small air bubbles following installation, most of them will work their way out after 24 hours.


  1. Completely clean and dry the smooth surface area.
  2. Identify/mark the placement of your decal.
  3. Peel off the paper backing(slowly) from your decal. The decal will be held in place by the transfer tape. For larger decals, it is better to remove part of the backing and begin applying the decal to the surface. This makes it easier to manage the decal and make sure it is applied smoothly.
  4. Carefully place the transfer tape and decal in place. Check the tips above for larger decals. Now work from the centre to the edges, press down firmly on the image with your hand, a squeegee or credit card until it is completely smooth.
  5. Starting from a corner at a 45-degree angle, slowly peel the transfer tape from the surface. Don’t peel up, peel close to the surface to make sure the decal stays in place.
  6. Now stand back and admire your new decal. Feel free to show us how great your new decal looks by posting to Facebook or emailing us at