TribalMoto Travels: Day 4 - Chasing the Sun. Sale to Batemans Bay

Oh my aching everything...... lol

Undoubtedly from gripping the handlebars for dear life yesterday, today I ache lol The butt is also sore, so let's hope the Air Hawk does its job.

We had a great sleep at the Matador in Sale. As we shared a red wine and had a handlful of easter eggs for dinner (thanks to the courtesy bowl at reception), I was looking forward to brekky! I'm quite proud of my pretty amazing ham and cheese toasty I made from what was available in the free continental breakfast. Andy preferred the Easter Buns ;)

My amazing cheese and ham toasty

This morning we seemed to take ages to get ready. Probably because we knew the start of the trip to Batemens Bay was in the rain. I just LOVE rugging up like a Michelin woman. NOT

We brought our gear down from upstairs, and Andy backed Betty under cover so we could pack in the dry. I slowly and very unmotivatingly shuffled my way along, bringing one thing down at a time and dodging the cleaners, who looked at me with a 'you poor love' look on their faces. All the staff here were lovely.

Betty the motorbike tucked into a dry place in the hotel as we packed ready for another rainy days travel

Off we headed. First stop, Lakes Entrance. Thankfully the rain was meant to ease from there on.

It was a pretty ride coming into town here (see the video below). We stopped for a coffee and shared a piece of caramel slice (yum), but as we got up, you could see the massive dark band of rain that was slowly creeping our way, and it started to drizzle.


My new winter gloves have included a cool little wiper blade. I kept forgetting it was there, but tried it out today as the drizzle is SUPER annoying. Kinda works.... But need to decide if top to bottom or right to left is the best method. Perhaps not while riding though as I have trouble focussing on a good day haha. It's a great little device to use when the rain-x wears off.

Today's TribalMoto tip: put rain-x on first, let the rain slide off as much as possible by looking left and right... then use the finger wiper when that wears off!

We stopped in Pambula for a late lunch at this cute little organic cafe, then kept riding as we were again pushing the limits of darkness.

As we got closer to the coast, things became a little more familiar. I was excited to ride the coast roads, in particular Bermagui to Batemans Bay. We got to that stretch mid afternoon, and although there was some drizzle, there was NO TRAFFIC!!!! This was my favourite part of the ride yet. Sweeping bends, never ending trees. One kangaroo.

BUT OOOOH my aching butt!!! Today was insanely painful on the tail bone and I found myself constantly adjusting in my seat. The last hour was super hard.

Our overnight stay today was at the Mariners Waterfront Hotel.

As Andy went to check in, a couple stopped to talk bikes. There seems to be a similar theme with lady riders, they lost confidence and stop riding. This lady was the same. As with the last couple, I encouraged as much as I could and shared my experiences with this bike in particular. 

We quickly changed and took the laptop to the restaurant, ordering drinks toot sweet as we were excited to talk about the great day's riding. Funny how good that first drink tastes when you've had a long day. My steak was bloody amazing too.

A quick walk along the beach and off to bed as my butt needed a rest lol

The writing on the wall behind us says Neptune favours the brave. We love it.

A walk along the beach at Batemans Bay


Scare factor: today was just chill.... I felt great, no scary moments apart from a couple of roos, but they were being compliantly still and it was still daylight.

We did ride at sunset, but it was in more well lit roads, so not a concern this time. What a relief!

Not once have I felt like I was going to drop the bike, couldn't handle the weight or felt unsafe. I highly recommend it!!!!

Butt factor: OMG insanely sore. No position helped... no idea why its sore one day and not the next... must test AirHawk at different air levels to see!

KMS: 500kms ish again today.... LOVE the scenery and twisties today.  

Thanks for reading and watching.

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