Riding with Mateoh

It's time to ride!!!!!

Helmets on and safely tucked into a cool side car, you couldn't wipe the smile of the face of this gorgeous little 5 year old, who is in the fight of his life battling a rare condition called Chronic Granulomatous Disorder (CGD). 

On the 8 March 2022 I was lucky enough to join Mateoh, his family and an amazing group of fellow motorbike riders, including ECFR members, to make his wish come true....to ride on a motorbike.

To help remember the event, TribalMoto designed some tees for Mateoh and his family to wear on the ride around Brisbane city. I rode my trusty steed...I mean Speed Triple, adorned with a baby dragon decal on the front in Mateoh's favourite colour. We landed up at Beechmont before heading to the Mater Children's Hospital in Brisbane. 

There was a little skip in Mateoh's step as he came through the hospital doors. Revitalised after just being given an blood transfusion, a daily essential for Mateoh of late and in addition to all his other treatments. The look on his face as he looked over and saw the motorbikes and side cars waiting for him was priceless.

Mateoh and his family loved it and were so very grateful.

For me personally, knowing I was able to help because I followed my passion, took a risk and put on my big girl pants to create TribalMoto, is the best feeling and one of my proudest days as a human. Giving back to the community is so very important. There is always a way. Find a way.  

Hugs to Mateoh and his family as they continue the fight against CGD. For more, check out Mateoh's journey on Facebook. Can you grant a wish for him too?



Orange design on black tee with Mateoh's ride and a motorbike Motorbike on the top of a mountain Motorbikes with side cars Mateoh and his mum Shal

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