Paying it forward through BloodBikes Australia

We all have a chance to give back, or pay it forward. 
I'm personally very proud to be a volunteer for BloodBikes Australia and try to do a run every few weeks when I can.
As TribalMoto, I'm also very proud to be able to further support this cause by providing free of charge, waterproof stickers for placement on motorbikes and delivery boxes. 🏍🩸
Did you know, BloodBikes Australia deliver a variety of important products - not just  blood? You can find out more at
BloodBikes Austsralia black and red stickers on white bakground
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  • Stephen Bedford 12:50 PM

    Hi, I’v recently joined bloodbikes and would appreciate some stickers for my bike/ car – can you please e-mail me with details of how this can be achieved. Thank you

  • Peter 04:59 PM

    Thanks mate. We do good, and you help us. It’s appreciated.

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